1. Regular payment of membership fees is a statutory duty of all full members of the Polish Society of Pharmacovigilance (hereinafter referred to as the “Society ”). The obligation to pay membership fees does not apply to honorary and supporting members.

2. The amount of the annual membership fee is estimated in the way of the Management Board’s resolution.

3. Changes in the amount of membership fee are communicated to full members of the Society no later than November 30 of the year prior to the period for which they will apply.

4. The membership fee is paid once a year by June 30 of a given year, solely by way of a bank transfer to the current bank account of the Society .

5. Full member of the Society who has not paid a membership fee within the aforementioned time limit receives a warning and is obliged to pay the debts as soon as possible, within the deadline of September 30 of a given year. Unjustified delay in membership fee payment for more than 6 months (lack of payment by December 31 of a given year) provides the basis for the expulsion of a full member from the list of the Society according to an appropriate resolution adopted by the Management Board. The excluded member cannot appeal the Management Board’s resolution on the expulsion due to the lack of payment.

6. Full member of the Society , who is not able to pay a membership fee at specified deadlines due to unusual circumstances, may request the Management Board to extend the payment deadline. The request should include an explanation of the delay in payment and the proposed date of payment.

7. New full members of the Society are obliged to pay their membership fee in full for the calendar year in which they join the Society if it occurs from January to June of a given year. In cases where the acceptance of a full member to the Society takes place from July 1 to December 31 f a given year, half of the membership fee is required. Full members of the Society who are students (the fact shall be documented by sending a scan of their student card) are entitled to a 50% discount on membership fees.

8. A proof of payment containing the first and last name of the paying member and the applicable period is the only document confirming that payment was made.

9. In all matters not settled in this Regulations, decisions of the Management Board shall apply, which are delivered under the applicable law, in accordance with the Statute and resolutions of the General Assembly of Members.

10. These Regulations shall enter into force on the date of their adoption by the Management Board of the Society .

The Polish Society of Pharmacovigilance adopted Regulations on Membership Fees which is available below.

Please deposit your payment in the account specified below:

Polish Society of Pharmacovigilance
bank account number 77160013741845909580000001

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